Decent Sampler Release Notes


  • Fixed a bug that was causing clicks in the audio output if the engine was set to one very specific buffer size


  • Added support for sampling panning


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the fine-tuning from working correctly.


  • Decent Sampler now supports dslibrary files that contain multiple presets.
  • Fixed many bugs that were uncovered by the
  • A ton of fixes to make it easier to create instruments
  • Add a “Reload” menu option that allows you to reload the current library.
  • Upgraded the lowpass filter being used below the hood


  • Fixed a bunch of crashing bugs. Monolith-style instruments should work much better.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the VST 2.0 implementation to crash on Mac


  • Fixed a crashing bug introduced in version 0.7.16.


  • The max volume for instruments, groups, and samples used to be 6dB. It’s now 24dB.
  • Added support for trigger groups based on continuous controllers (for CC64 piano pedal support)
  • Added support for UI textSize and dial colors.
  • Massive refactoring. We should now be seeing a RAM usage boost for RAM-based samples that reuse the same file.
  • Fixed BUG: We no longer include samples that start with a period in the File menu dropdown list
  • Fixed BUG: The last byte of every wave file was being omitted


There’s now a dialog box that shows progress when a sample is loaded
Fixed an annoying bug that was preventing the onscreen piano keyboard from rendering properly
Fixed bug that was causing intermittent crashes on sample load


The sustain pedal works now
Under-the-hood support for release triggers. Piano samples coming soon.
Support for super short samples
Fixed a crashing bug that was occuring when switching back and forth between RAM and Disk streaming modes
Fixed another bug that was preventing RAM from getting released when switching from RAM mode to disk sreaming mode.
Fixed a bug that was causing old “phantom notes” to be played when you switched between several samples with different sample lengths


  • Introduced a browser for downloading free samples right within the plugin
  • The plugin now asks you to create or login with a free Decent Samples account when you start it
  • The plugin now allows you to choose whether samples are stored in RAM or whether disk-streaming is used.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the plugin to crash when a user tried to switch sample libraries while notes were still sounding.


  • Improved reliability when loading presets.
  • Onscreen keyboard is now colored to show the range of the instrument.


  • Boosted the default preset volume by 12dB.
  • Added main volume control at the top.
  • DS now notifies users when a new version becomes available.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing samples with reverb to be much too loud.


  • Fixed a catastrophic rendering issue that was causing all samples to sound awful (double yikes).


  • Fixed a bug that was causing velocity tracking to be turned off (yikes)


  • Performance optimization
  • Internal support for voice-level effects


  • Fixed a bug that could cause the sampler to crash when you held a very long note.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Ableton Live to crash
  • Added under-the-hood support for instrument/group/sample volume levels
  • Added under-the-hood support for MIDI mapping
  • Fixed a serious bug in looping functionality


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the screen from redrawing itself when new presets were loaded
  • Fixed a bug that was causing lines to show up on the bottom and right when the screen was being resized.
  • Fixed a bug that was prevent the menu from moving along with the window
  • Fixed a memory leak that would show up on quit.
  • Fixed a serious bug that was preventing voices from being released after being used for the first time.


  • Switched to streaming from disk


  • Initial pre-alpha public release