Is there a xsd available for easy editing and validation of the xml?

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I just started out investigating the process of creating a virtual instrument with Decent Sampler.
When looking at the format-documentation I didn't see any xsd file being available for download.
Maybe I overlooked it although finding "xsd" on that page yields no results.

A xsd file basically contains all the validation rules for a xml file and seeing the length of the documentation this would be nice to have.
As a programmer I'm used to editing xml files in a fancy IDE like IntelliJ.
With a referenced xsd file in the top element of your xml you have autocompletion available while editing.
And being a programmer I'm lazy as hell.
So I would love to type only two characters and hit enter or ctrl-space for autocompletion to do the work for me.
It would also prevent me from making silly typo's as validation is done while typing in IntelliJ.
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I wrote an unofficial schema that should cover most of the DS preset format:

This works really well when tested in VS Code and Red Hat's XML extension. I'm impressed how much power XSD has.

by praash (150 points)
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