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I'm working on a Python script that will read through your samples directory and spit out a basic functional dspresent file. I was wondering, is there a community-accepted standard for file naming?I used InstrumentName_NoteName_NoteNumber_Articulation_TakeNumber for my test project, but I would like to make my script useful to as many people as possible!

Thanks in advance!
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It seems to vary based on personal preference and the scope of a given instrument!

Because it will depend if things like Velocity Layers or Round Robins (what you're calling 'Takes' I think?) are being used. You'll probably just have to go with what works for you (your syntax seems fine) and people can change their file naming to fit if they want to use the script. A program like Bulk Rename Utility would allow people to do this without re-exporting their samples.

I guess you could have a dummy placeholder character for an option that isn't being used, ie. "x" or "NULL" in the position the script expects Articulation (or different mic/source) specification.

But, that's just a few thoughts from my fairly limited experience.

Good luck anyway!
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