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I've answered so many questions about this over the years, so this is me trying to anticipate them again... One useful pair of effects to add to Decent Sampler would be the classic 'Metal'-oriented Distortion and Overload effects that are typically used in guitar pedals. Combined with a resonant(!) filter and pitch/filter bend, this is the basis of the repeated lead lines that you hear from Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, etc. (Where people keep asking: 'Wow! How did they make that amazing sound?!?!', when it is just a synth through a fuzz pedal...) Not news nor innovation, but it would be a good addition to Decent Sampler's sonic capabilities...

Just in case: https://guitarspace.org/sound-pedals/distortion-vs-overdrive-whats-the-difference/
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Yes please David fuzz or overdrive or both would be awesome.


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