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I've been using the new 1.4.n+ dropdown menu in a few projects, and my latest (Cyclic Transpositions 01) uses just over 1,000 lines of code to do a 10 option menu to control 5 groups (and more than 2,400 lines to enumerate the samples in the groups).

Am I missing something? Is there an XML coding wrinkle that I don't know that would reduce the number of lines? The entropy of those 1,000 lines is very low (I haven't run it through binwalk - I'm just estimating it visually!)...
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It's coming! This is the very next item on my todo list. Basically, my plan is to have it be possible to set the same value for all groups that have a specific tag. So you would be able to do something like this:

<option name="High1">
   <!-- Set all the groups to disabled -->
   <binding type="general" level="group" tags="low,high" parameter="ENABLED" translation="fixed_value" translationValue="false" />
   <!-- Set the one you want to enable to enabled -->
   <binding type="general" level="group" position="0" parameter="ENABLED" translation="fixed_value" translationValue="true" />
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