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Is there a way to apply tuning to tags, in the same way as to groups?

I know you can control group tuning with:
<binding type="amp" level="group" position="1" parameter="GROUP_TUNING" />

But I can't find a way to do the same for tags. None of the following work:
<binding type="amp" level="tag" identifier="tagname" parameter="GROUP_TUNING" />
<binding type="amp" level="tag" identifier="tagname" parameter="GLOBAL_TUNING" />
<binding type="amp" level="tag" identifier="tagname" parameter="TAG_TUNING" />
(I know, there isn't a "TAG_TUNING" in the documentation, but I tried on the off-chance!)

I could reorganise my groups, but I'm already using groups to sort a collection of different 'world drums' into drum type and into mic sources, so I'd rather avoid splitting the samples into further groups. I suppose I could actually do away with having separate groups for drum type if I had to, and instead split all the drums into Highs and Lows for each mic source. Then I'd have to set up bindings for each relevant group to the high and low knobs. Actually that could work, but tags would be more elegant if it were possible!

Anyway, I want to give the option of tuning the lows and the highs separately, particularly for the tuned drums, the Bongos and Tabla.

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Level can't be "tag" it must be group. Position is required, but if you add "tags" the binding will affect not only the group in that position but all the tagged groups.

Like this:

<binding type="amp" level="group" position="0" tags="zone1"  parameter="GROUP_TUNING" translation="linear" translationOutputMin="-12" translationOutputMax="12"  />


<binding type="amp" level="group" position="4" tags="zone2"  parameter="GROUP_TUNING" translation="linear" translationOutputMin="-12" translationOutputMax="12"  />

In my instrument the groups 0, 1, 2 and 3 are controlled by the first binding and the groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 are controlled by the second binding.

Hope it helps
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Perfect, thanks so much! Also works with tag panning I found.