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I'm making a sustained instrument with no loop (when the sample ends, the sound ends). I want to have release samples when releasing the key (trigger=release) but only if the sample is still playing.

I think I remember that sforzando had a workaround but don't know if DS has it.

Is it possible?

EDIT: I've been searching into sforzando files and I see that the way to do it in SFZ is by using the "sw_previous", I tried with "previousNotes" in DS but this attribute works different than SFZ "sw_previous":

I think "sw_previous" consider a note as previous only for a fixed amount of time or until the previous sample ends playing (I really don't know which one). DS "previousNotes" consider a note as previous only if the key is pressed (similar to SFZ "sw_down").

I guess that solving this would require to change how the legato is implemented and well,  is not such a big problem... So Dave, this is for when you'll have at least ten employees working at the office XD.

Example of the SFZ implementation:





<region> key=46 sample=Samples/Rel_01.flac sw_previous=46
in Sample Creation by Orestes Gas (860 points)

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