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It would be amazing to have an option to do something similar to the 'artificial round robins' trick, originally posted by Obolig for Kontakt (See quoted text below.)

In other circumstances I'd just duplicate the samples and shift the loNote/hiNote values, but I've got a massive number of samples (1891!) for different 'instruments' or presets within the instrument (a sampled CS80!)

Of course I could still do it that way, but it's already a massive instrument, with about 2100 lines of code before I've even finished, and those 1891 samples to create artificial round robins for! The guy who owns it offered to re-record for extra round robins, but I fear it's already a sizable number of samples as it is.

<!-- You can up your round robin game even further by telling the instrument to randomly trigger the sample a half step up or a half step down and then correcting it with an opposing pitch shift. -->

on init

  declare const $LOW_NOTE  := 36
  declare const $HIGH_NOTE := 60

  declare $note_id
  declare $offset

end on

on note

if (in_range($EVENT_NOTE, $LOW_NOTE+1, $HIGH_NOTE-1) )
    $offset := random(-1, 1)                      
    $offset := 0
  end if

  $note_id := play_note($EVENT_NOTE + $offset, $EVENT_VELOCITY, 0, -1)
  change_tune($note_id, $offset*-100000, 1)

end on

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(Just in case you don't know) with sublime text you can duplicate the samples and shift the loNote/hiNote quite easily. You can copy the whole loNote/hiNote column and just paste it one line down. And you would be using the same samples so, no extra memory needed.

On the other hand... wouldn't be better to have different presets for each instrument? People can blend them in their daws, if that's the point.  

I don't know if this helped but I wanted to try anyway

by Orestes Gas (860 points)
Thank you, yes that's pretty much what I did, but it took a long time! Although someone on DIscord pointed out that I should change/move the root note and sample name in code, rather than loNote/hiNote (it might amount to the same thing actually, but I'm too overtired from working on this thing to get my head around it right now haha!) I'm not quite sure what you mean about the presets, sorry. This is just for round-robins, but there *are* presets which select between different sounds (groups of samples). Anyway, thanks again!