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(Disclaimer: I made a similar question before but this issue is more important that the other, so I make a new topic)

I'm making a true legato instrument and I want to have release samples. Two problems

- When I press a legato key and then release the previous key, the release sample plays (even the sustain is not playing anymore).

- The sustains (trigger=first) wont play until the release sample has ended.

The first problem could be solved with a new attribute, something like "lastNote" that would store only the last played key (previousNote works for every key that is pressed).

For the second problem I can't even imagine a solution... Well there is one: not setting the sustains with trigger=first. But then when playing the legato, the sustain also sounds for a little while (before it gets silenced by the legato tag). So it is not a solution...

By now I'm going to grey out my release samples with hope for the future...
in Sample Creation by Orestes Gas (860 points)

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