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I'm trying to build my first instrument and Decent Sampler look like the perfect tool for me.

1/ I encounter a very small issue that I would like to understand .When I play a note with a velocity of 127 or with the tag ampVelTrack="0" . The volume  is always around 4db less than the original sample volume that I assign to that note . Does Decent Sampler lower the volume of samples automatically or is it me doing something wrong ?

2/ it would be great to have an option at the <groups> or <group>  level to map the "max volume" of the sample to the hiVel value rather than a velocity of 127 (hi hope that's clear) . I have to boost the volume of lower velocity layer a lot because  they get massively turn down in volume when their max volume is map to 127 and this  would  make the process easier when implementing velocity layer with smooth transition.

I would like to thank you for the great job and all the effort you're a putting in this project .

Wish you a great 2023 year ....
in Sample Creation by olivier-modr (170 points)

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