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Hello All, I am new to Decent sampler , very excited to be able to get my old libraries ESX Lib into Cubase , since switch DAWs , also exploring your own content base!!  

This may not be supported at the moment, but I have very simple some very simple round robin libraries, I created in EXS mainly just analog synths , so nothing complicated .

I can see DS is loaded both RR1 and RR2  into ID 0 and ID1 ,  but I can't trigger the switching or hear it switching,  does this work or is this a Future function ?
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Thanks for your message. So there's a slight bug in the EXS conversion. All you need to do is add seqMode="round_robin" to any <group> tags that got created and it should work. The end result should be something like this:

<group seqMode="round_robin" ...>

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Probably the same bug is with SFZ import.  I think each time I imported, I’d need to map round robins or random notes by hand.