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I would like to specify that the pitch-bender wheel should transpose the sample by 3 semitones, not the default 2... but I can't find any reference on how to do this.

So far I successfully set up a labeled-knob binded to GLOBAL_TUNING with minValue="-3" and maxValue="3" and it works ok.

But it's only controllable with mouse on the UI.

If I use the pitch bend wheel it still has the range of -2 / +2 semitones
in Sample Creation by stefano-garuti (130 points)

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This in the instrument settings in the main interface. go to FILE.../Instrument Settings.
by paul-chauncy (310 points)
Thank you,
but I would like to be able to specify it at "preset" level. SO that the final user doesn't have to customize it by hand: he'll found the "sensitivity" already configured
Right, I see what you mean. I've looked for the same without success. I think Dave is maybe not a pitchbend guy!