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Hello David hope all is well.

Would it be possible to add random to the list of modulator types?
If so please add a random low and high value to the random modulator.
Extra plus plus, stars and unicorns if we could modulate the sample start.

Keep up the good work!
in Sample Creation by anders-wall (380 points)

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I join too. I’m slowly making my way to make a lo-fi glitchy music box library, and random gain would make it so much better. (I’ll try the existing stuff first though, of course.) I’d envision something like random modulators in Vital—probably the simplest two of them: sample & hold with given time between steps, and sine-interpolated sample & hold, and for my case the secound would be useful, but a pure sample & hold is probably useful to people too.
by cirrunci (310 points)