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I'm working on a sample library for a saxophone, and I've got separate recordings for the actual sax and the plungers, which I've grouped in two different groups in my code, as I wanted to have every key have the possibility to trigger any of the plunger recordings. However, as it stands right now, instead of playing together, the sax and the plungers interchange. Is that to do with how I configured the round robins? It works when I set the seqMode for the plungers to "always," but then I get all the plunger sounds, which is obviously not what I want. Any ideas as to how I fix this? I'll include a picture so you can take a look at the code yourself.

The pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11IKn8Y84OvEn4LhI9YVV7CmhMjLDsE2W?usp=sharing
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If you want to blend your samples. I think round-robin is not what you need.

how about trying script like this? for example,

<sample rootNote="40" hiNote="40" loNote="40" path="{actual_sax_recording_sample}"/>

<sample rootNote="40" hiNote="40" loNote="40" path="{plunger_recording_sample}"/>

note number 40 will trigger both sample.

In many cases, round-robin is used for percussion or plucking instruments to give them small randomness so that they don't sound artificial.
by Yoohyun Kim (160 points)
While I appreciate the help, that's not really the issue I'm stuck with. I've got my sax recordings and related round robins hooked up exactly how I need them, and I've got a collection of plunger recordings to implement; thing is, I want each possible sax note to be able to trigger any of the various plunger recordings, so I thought about mapping every plunger recording to the entire note range, and using round robin control to switch between them; that way the sampler would pick from a pool of plunger sounds, and a pool of sax recordings, so that you'd rarely ever get the exact same combination twice, and that's where I'm running into my problems
I think that using groups might be a better way to implement this type of functionality... I use them all the time to do this type of thing...