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Here are a couple of minor bugs in SFZ import I was able to circumvent by preformatting the input SFZ file, for a time you’d feel like revamping the import system.

  1. Several opcodes on the same line don’t work (like `lokey=X hikey=Y`, Polyphone SF2→SFZ converters like to write them in this way, some sample libs have this too)
  2. Sample names with spaces in them don’t work. Honestly, this clashes with the previous, I don’t know how other SFZ software parses that.
  3. Comments at the end of a line, or commented regions (VCSL has a lot of the latter) make invalid parse (either argument values are appended with the comment, or, for commented regions, empty <sample> elements are created).
  4. Note names (the legacy SFZ manual says it’s `c-1` to `g9`) don’t parse. They do happen time to time instead of MIDI numbers. I think I encountered both lower and upper case.
  5. Round robin or random sample info is dropped.
  6. If there are `loop_start` or `loop_end` opcodes, they get translated to `loopStart` and `loopEnd` which in DS implies there is looping (it seemed to be so? I may be well wrong, I didn’t write out what I saw exactly and then edited it all), even if SFZ had `loop_mode=no_loop` or how was it called.

It’s all very low-priority. Main DS features are a way bigger treat! Thank you for making DS!

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