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Hello.  I have been using Decent Sampler for a while now.  Yesterday, I downloaded the 1.0.12 version to update it.  Now, when I open Logic (for a project that had a saved instrument for DecentSampler), a notice pops up, letting me know that "The plug-in named "DecentSampl" (no final "e", notice) isn't available on your system."  What is wrong?  Is the new downloaded version installed in the incorrect place?  I did not tell my Mac to change its location...where should I find it?
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Hi Mary,

Thanks for your question! That's very strange. For what it's worth, I've just uploaded a new version of the installer. Would you be able to install it and give it a try?


– Dave
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Thank you for your quick response!
I tried your suggestion, uploading the Mac “Unsigned Installer”, then downloading the 1.0.12 version again.  Still Logic says the same message, “DecentSampl isn’t available on your system”.  It just seems as if Logic can’t find it.  It is no longer in the list of “AU instruments” in the menu of instruments in Logic, as it has always been.  However, the sampler is still on my Mac—I can access the standalone version in my Apps.  That is why I wonder if, somehow, the sampler has been saved in the wrong folder or something.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I checked the "plug-in"manager in Logic and found Decent Sampler.  Under the heading "Compatibility" it says crashed validation.  Tried re-scanning, and got a text box that said the following:validating Audio Unit DecentSampler by Decidedly:

    AU Validation Tool
    Version: 1.6.1a1
    Copyright 2003-2013, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Specify -h (-help) for command options

VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: 'aumu' - 'Dsmp' - 'Dldy'
Manufacturer String: Decidedly
AudioUnit Name: DecentSampler
Component Version: 1.0.12 (0x1000C)

* * PASS
Time to open AudioUnit:         130.849 ms
Time to open AudioUnit:         45.905  ms
Time for initialization:        0.037 ms

validation result: crashed validation
What should my next step be to get Decent Sampler validated again?