A unique folk instrument that is common to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. In some ways, it can be seen as a counterpart to the mandolin.

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The four string Domra Prima was invented in Russia in 1908. It is tuned just like a Mandolin, and has the same scale length, but because it only has one course of strings, it sounds quite different from that instrument. It is based on the three-string version of the instrument, which was reinvented by Vasily Andreyev in 1896. Andreyev’s instrument was a reworking on an obsolete folk instrument of the same name which had been played in the 16th and 17th century. This particular instrument was made in the 1980s in a factory in Odessa.

The user interface of the Domra sample library.

This particular sample library adds tempo-synced delay and reverb, both of which complement the sound of the Domra quite nicely. Also, as of v1.1, this sample library features a cool tremolo feature (make sure you update to the latest version of the Decent Sampler plugin, as this feature requires version 1.11.1 or later).


The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.







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