Eraphine by Venus Theory [Decent Sampler]


Eraphine explores the themes of winter combining vocals, viola, and unique granular processing.

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User interface for Venus Theory's Earphone Sample Library

Created as part of a collaborative project – this is a pack exploring the themes of winter with the imaginative performance of winter’s vocals, a deeply downtuned viola, and organic granular textures creating a sonic ‘snowfall’ to compliment the patches.

Each patch features a blend knob to add the ‘sound of winter’ on top of the vocals, and the library also includes the ‘frost viola’ used to create the droning viola textures and soundscapes as well as a ‘just the drones’ patch which acts as a gorgeous icy soundbed perfect to set the sonic stage.

This Decent Sampler sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). Download it here.


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