Frame Drum by Frank Faruk [Decent Sampler]


Unleash rhythmic magic with this deep-sampled frame drum library


Screenshot of the Frame Drum sample library

Introducing the Frame Drum sample instrument, an ideal choice for adding dramatic rhythm to your Video Game, Film, and TV soundtracks.

This unique percussion instrument offers a world of creative possibilities, with its exotic sound that can enhance a variety of musical genres beyond the realm of multimedia production.

Includes 8 Round Robin samples for an organic and realistic playing experience, as well as two instruments: “Solo” for a focused sound and “Duo” (panned left and right) for a wider stereo experience.

Recorded with the highest audio quality using a combination of Zoom H4 and Lewitt LCT 040 microphones, the Frame Drum sample instrument is sure to add depth and authenticity to your compositions.

If you download the sample library via the Decent Samples website, the .zip file also includes MIDI files to kickstart your creative journey, in addition to the Arabic/Turkish rhythm known as “Duek” and the newly added variant rhythms update. This provides you with a solid foundation for your musical compositions and opens up endless possibilities.

Start exploring the enchanting world of the Frame Drum sample instrument today!


NOTE: This video was created before the UI was finalized, hence the gray background.

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