Jonneke’s Spinet by Black Sparrow Music [Decent Sampler]


The Spinet can be traced back to the 16th century, where its sound and looks derived from the harpsichord. This library takes the spinet and expands on its simplicity, making it something more than it was designed to be.


User Interfaced for Janneke's Spiner Sample Library

What is a spinet? I asked my neighbor, Jonneke (Yon-ih-kuh). I had no idea, until she began to tell me. (I kept calling it a harpsichord, as it sounded like one). Truth be told, the spinet can be traced back to the 16th century, where its design and sound was largely based upon the harpsichord. The main difference is, the harpsichord uses hammers to hit the strings, whereas the spinet strums the strings when the keys are hit.

This library, “Jonneke’s Spinet”, takes the simplicity of the spinet, and slowly turns it into an instrument which is way beyond what it was designed to be. Yes, the original spinet sound (top open or closed) is present in this library! However, that’s where the spinet ends, and something else begins.

With an expansive UI, you’ll see what the spinet can be transformed into! Also, every sound here is 100% based in, and on the spinet. From the basic sound of the spinet, to the almost heavenly sound of “Horizon”, and the gripping sounds of “Magnetic”, this library has something for every genre of music from the 16th century to the 21st century!

– Aaron, Black Sparrow Music

This Library includes:

  • Custom knobs and sliders
  • 5 hit sample libraries
  • 5 synth sample libraries
  • (Total of 10 unique libraries)


The sample library works with version 1.7.4 of the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.


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