Box Guitar [Patreon Exclusive] [Decent Sampler]


The quiet sound of a box guitar with a drop-B basitar tuning.  For Patrons only.


About a year ago, I took a guitar that had been abandoned and turned it into a basitar: a two-string instrument that uses thicker gauge strings. That quickly became my main songwriting instrument. The only problem I had with it was that in order to be used it needs to be plugged into an amp, which is not always convenient. To solve this, I built a new instrument: a box guitar. It has a similar string configuration to the basitar, but it’s also acoustic. And of course, I’ve also now sampled that instrument and turned it into a Decent Sampler library. The sound is midway between a bass guitar and an acoustic guitar. I recorded it both direct and with a Ribbon mic, as well as through my Music Man amp using two different microphones.

UI Screenshot for the Box Guitar Library

Have fun!

– Dave

The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.


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