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Organic and intricate soundscapes bursting with inspiration.

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This is the free edition of the larger Elysea library by ZenDAW.

With its 5 presets that blend three layers of multi-sampled sounds, primarily sourced from the Ensoniq Fizmo, Elysea offers a rich array of sonic possibilities. The interface, with its three drop-down menus displaying the names of the combined textures, provides a user-friendly way to navigate and select sounds. At the end of the list of presets,  you will find an “init” preset to create your own sound combinations with three sound layers, and also another “init” preset with a single sound layer but which contains all the 36 multi-waveforms found in the whole sound library.

Elysea enables the creation of organic and intricate sounds. Its capability to produce deep, evolving textures makes it invaluable across various genres of electronic music. For instance, in ambient music, it creates lush soundscapes, while in cinematic and soundtrack production, it contributes to crafting immersive atmospheres. Additionally, its potential in game sound design allows for the creation of diverse and evocative audio landscapes. In film scores, it adds layers of depth and emotion to complement visual storytelling.



Overall, the versatility of Elysea make it a valuable instrument for musicians, producers, and sound designers seeking to create intricate, atmospheric, and immersive sounds across a wide spectrum of genres and media applications.

Elysea is a virtual instrument plug-in for the free Decent Sampler Player, compatible with all major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Bitwig Studio, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo , FL Studio, Reason and more).

Decent Sampler is a free plugin, you can get it HERE


  • Starry Night
  • Endless Sorrow
  • Evanish
  • Hard Land
  • A Blissful Moment
  • Elysea – init 1
  • Elysea – init 3


  • 2 GUI (Graphical User Interface) Background choices
  • Alternative GUI Background can be changed from one to another by clicking on ZenDAW logo
  • Mixing 3 multi-sample layers
  • 30 presets combining 36 textures, from mostly Transwaves & Wavetables
  • 575 individual stereo samples
  • Sample loops made one by one by hand
  • Analog & Digital sound sources
  • 3 sound layers each with its own adjustable Pan, Level and Tune controls
  • Each sound layer has its own On/Off switch in its respective top drop-down menu (Wave Selection 1 – 2 – 3)
  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • Reverb, Delay with On/Off switches
  • Filter Cutoff & Resonance
  • Indication of preset numbers by character LED display
  • 24-bit 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
  • Mod Wheel assigned to Filter Cutoff
  • Size: 2.2GB GB installed
  • Version: 1.2


  • GUI design, Programming, Sampling and Sound Design: Stéphane Horeczko
  • Additional programming & Knob Design: Rawl Gelinas
  • ZenDAW © 2023 All Rights Reserved


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