Casio PT-10 x Dictaphone


A match made in lofi heaven: the vintage charm of a Casio PT-10 captured on microcassette. Available for free!

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A viewer named Hamza contacted me from Germany. He had just bought a Casio PT-10 at a flea market and thought I would enjoy it; he wanted to send it to me. Thus began my love affair with this tiny plastic keyboard.

A Casio PT-10 in its original box.

Released in 1987, the Casio PT-10 is a little brother to the famous Casio VL-1 from 1979. It’s an incredibly simple keyboard which just four sounds – flute, fantasy, piano, and violin – all of which are in included in this library.

Screenshot of the cassette dictaphone casio library

To make this library, I installed a hardware output on the back of the keyboard. I then captured the raw output from the PT-10 using an old dictaphone. This microcassette recorder’s warbly sound adds additional charm to these already nostalgic sounds. You’ll notice that each presets comes in both mono and stereo versions. The stereo versions were created of two recordings: one for the left channel and one for the right.

The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.

NOTE: A larger version of this library that contains various outboard effects is available for Patrons here.





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