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We don’t get many earthquakes in Philadelphia, so when there was a very minor one here, it got a lot of media attention. People shared graphs and seismographic data on Twitter, something which piqued my curiosity and sent me down an epic rabbit hole: I created a tool for converting MSEED data to WAV files that could be played back, and spent the next week using it to create samples. This library, which consists of two separate parts, is the culmination of that journey. The part is a drum kit containing percussive sounds: these are the actually earthquakes. (All the quakes were 4.8 or less on the richter scale, by the way.)

Earthquake Sounds DrumKit

The second part of the library consists of twelve pads that were created using various convolution and EQ techniques.

Earthquake Sounds Pads


The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.







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