Lossy Algorithms [Patreon Exclusive] [Decent Sampler]


The Microfreak + the Chase Bliss Generation Loss are a perfect pairing. For Patrons only.


I just finished making a video about Chase Bliss’ very cool Generation Loss MK2 pedal. As part of that, I spent about a week making glitchy music, combining the Microfreak with the Gen Loss pedal. Since I liked a lot of the sounds I was playing with, I figured I would immortalize them in a quick sample library.

Functionality: There are standard ADSR controls, chorus, cutoff, and reverb, but there’s also a TAPE FAILURE knob. This is very important as it fades between a version of the synth that has been processed with Gen Loss.

Musical reference points for these sounds: Boards of Canada / Oneohtrix Point Never.

The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.


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