Bontempi Memoplay 26 & Friends [Patreon Exclusive] [Decent Sampler]


A humble toy synth is given the boutique pedal treatment. For Patrons only.


I’ve been working on a video about Bontempi Memoplay 26, a toy keyboard from 1981. The basic sound of this instrument is very simple, just a pulse wave with no way of changing the tone, but it really shines when put through effects pedals. Here I’ve put it through a Microcosm (by Hologram), the Generation Loss (by Chase Bliss), as well as my own Refractions effect. The results are a range of different lo-fi textures and sounds.

Screenshot of the Memoplay 26 & Friends Sample Library


– Dave

The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.


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