Ukelin [Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler]


Experience the strange, otherworldly sound of this all-but-forgotten piece of Americana. Now in three convenient formats: Kontakt, SFZ, and Decent Sampler. NOTE: The Kontakt version requires the full version of Kontakt (not Kontakt Player).


In the mid 1920s, the US went through the first of several Hawaii crazes. Tourists flocked to the islands, coming home with ukuleles that they’d purchased while on vacation. There was even a hit song called Ukulele Lady. Part of this fad was that instrument makers started slapping the word ukulele onto any old instrument that they happened to be trying to sell. Instruments like the Ukelin – which was billed as a cross between a Ukulele and a Violin. The ukulele influence is very light. In reality it’s a lot more like a fretless zither, except that you play it with a small violin bow. Of course, it’s not really like a violin either. Instead of pushing your fingers down on a fingerboard, you actually get a different string for each note. In addition to the 15 note strings, there are also 16 strings arranged in four chords.


  • Available in three formats:
    • The SFZ version has been tested with Plogue Sforzando
    • The Decent Sampler version works with the free Decent Samples player plugin. Download it here.
  • Four sample sets:
    • Sustains – The classic bowed Ukelin sound
    • Releases – Just the resonant tails of the Ukelin bowings, turned into a keyboard instrument. Two velocity layers, two round robinss
    • Ensemble – Our take on the traditional string ensemble patch, but with Ukelins. Modwheel controls the number of Ukelins you hear (2 to 8).
    • Chords – We also sample the chords on the Ukelins
  • Sample rate: 24-bit 44.1khz
  • Library size: 265MB

Release Video:


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