The Void by Black Sparrow Music [Decent Sampler]

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A void isn’t a small thing, even though it may start out as a pinhole. This library began with a simple setup of an old guitar pedal and a keyboard. As the void began it’s vacuum, it required more pedals, voices, diverse sounds, and an amplifier. This library was designed spefically for metal, ambient, and sci-fi cinematic music genres.


Ever wondered what a void would sound like? The Void was designed with exactly that question in mind.

“Every title of the presets corresponds to a type of void: from the high grinding gears of Nihility to the low earthquake-like rumble of the Outer Darkness, prepare to be sucked in by this library created specifically for Metal, ambient, and sci-fi cinematic music!

The library started off with my Yamaha keyboard, and my Zoom 509 guitar pedal. Once I felt I had reached the limitations of that simple setup, I began adding more guitar pedals, my Behringer Vintager guitar amp, voices of my work colleagues, my wife, as well as various other sounds I managed to capture.  After about 2 months of coming home from my normal job, and immediately working on the preset library, the final result comes through as
rich, dark, and wide textures and drones, which I personally, have always desired to have in my own music.

Some sounds, I’ll freely admit will work better as hits, however all are able to be used as synths/pads.”

– Aaron, Black Sparrow Music

The Void includes:

  • 1 DS Library file
  • 20 Dark Synth/Pad sounds.


The sample library works with version 1.7.4 of the free Decent Sampler player plugin. Download it here.

1 review for The Void by Black Sparrow Music [Decent Sampler]

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’d say the void is really cool, would recommend to anyone with $25 spare who wants some dark sounds to play with

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