Viola Ensemble [Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler]

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The warm, highly cinematic tone of this often overlooked member of the string family. Now available in three convenient formats: Kontakt (requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later), SFZ, & Decent Sampler.


Staying home because of a global pandemic is a strange experience: some people take up baking, others binge-watch TV, and me? I’ve started playing the viola. I was trained as a violinist, and before April, I had never picked up the instrument. It took a while to get used to playing on a larger fingerboard, but it hasn’t been too bad: 10 minutes one day, 15 minutes the next; slowly remapping my brain to new, wider finger positions.

Anyway, it’s gotten to the point where I actually needed to sample the instrument for some film work I’m doing. This isn’t a sample library I intended to sell, I was really making it for my own use, but since I’ve gone to the trouble, I figured I might as well make it available for others to use it as well.

What I’ve done is created a simple ensemble patch with 8 layers. One articulation: sustain. There are three controls: volume, tone, and reverb. Dynamics are controlled by the modwheel. There are four levels: when the modwheel is all the way down, you’re getting two violas; when it’s all the way up you’re getting 8.

Have fun!

– Dave


  • The Kontakt and Decent Sampler  versions comes with three controls: volume, tone and reverb
  • Three formats:
    • The SFZ version tested with Plogue Sforzando
    • The Decent Sampler version works with the free Decent Samples player plugin. Download it here.
  • Sample rate: 24-bit 48khz
  • Library size: 58MB compressed

Sample track:

1 review for Viola Ensemble [Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler]

  1. John Joe Daly (verified owner)

    A premature entry in the review section on my part….
    I bought this library but I haven’t actually played with it yet (but for $15 it’s impossible to go wrong on this)
    It sounds great in the demo tracks, and I get soo much use out of everything of yours that I already own.
    So why bother with the comment?….

    Just a thought, that if you ever produced something similar for the violin and cello in this ensemble style it would be an instant purchase 👍

    Thanks for great samples.

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