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Sample Creators: Introducing Note Sequences

Hello Sample Creators!

I have a couple of news items I wanted to share. First, I’m thrilled to announce a new update to Decent Sampler – a tiny but mighty sequence playback engine hidden right within the plugin. This new feature lets you embed simple note sequences directly into your sample libraries. This opens up a world of possibilities for sample library makers. For example:

  • Guitar libraries: Strumming patterns, arpeggios, and riffs
  • Drum libraries: Provide essential preset beats and fills to jumpstart users’ creative flow.
  • Melodic libraries: Craft short phrases or even full melodic sequences.
  • World percussion libraries: Embed traditional rhythms and grooves to enhance authenticity.

Learn more about how to use these here. By the way, for those of you who are Patrons, the latest version of the Omnichord sample library makes use of the new sequencer functionality. Each of the Omnichord strums is a little 13 note sequences that gets played when the user hits a key.

Which brings us to our second news item: the DecentSamples File Format Developer Guide has been moved here. As I was typing up documentation for the note sequencer stuff, I felt we’d finally reached the moment where we needed to break all of the information in the guide into several discreet pages. I’m now using ReadTheDocs service to help me host and organize the documentation.

OK. I think that’s it. As always, let me know if you find any bugs.

– Dave