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Sample Creators: Here’s how to use the new XY Pad UI control

Hello! Version 1.11.12 of Decent Sampler introduces a useful new UI control: an XY pad. Here’s an example that I’ve colored yellow:

A screenshot of an XY Pad

This control is similar to a knob or a slider except that it works in two dimensions. For sample library creators who have worked with knobs and sliders will find that setting up this new control is pretty similar to those controls. The main difference between an XY pad and a knob is that instead of having one set of bindings it has two: one for the X axis and one for the Y axis. The code for the example above is this:

<xyPad x="10" y="10" width="300" height="195" parameterName="Pad" xValue="0.5576778054237366" yValue="0.4821614623069763" bgColor="77FFCC00" markerFillColor="FFFFFFFF" outlineColor="77FFFFFFF">
          <binding type="amp" level="group" groupIndex="0" parameter="AMP_VOLUME" translation="linear" translationOutputMin="0" translationOutputMax="1"/>
          <binding type="amp" level="group" groupIndex="1" parameter="AMP_VOLUME" translation="linear" translationOutputMin="1" translationOutputMax="0"/>
          <binding type="effect" level="instrument" effectIndex="0" parameter="FX_FILTER_FREQUENCY" translation="table" translationTable="0,33;0.3,150;0.4,450;0.5,1100;0.7,4100;0.9,11000;1.0001,22000"/>
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You’ll note that the current value on the X axis can be found in the xValue attribute, and the current value for the Y axis can be found in the yValue attribute. XY Pads are automatable using DAW automation.

To learn more about this control, see the updated documentation here. You can download this example here – you’ll find it in the example 9 directory.


– Dave