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Free Violin Sample in Kontakt, Ableton, and SFZ Format

Before you download the sample, check out the story behind the samples here:

In this video, Dave Hilowitz investigates two violins he bought on the street in Philadelphia. In the process, he learns about forgotten violin maker Lewis E. Pyle and makes some music.

The samples of Mr. Pyle’s violin can be downloaded here.

1 thought on “Free Violin Sample in Kontakt, Ableton, and SFZ Format

  1. Hey this is pretty cool! The violins sound pretty nice, but you didn’t say (unless I missed that), how much you paid. Hopefully, they weren’t stolen! You can change the timbre of these two violins, (the cheapest) way by changing the strings on them. is a good site to read more about strings and get a quick brief explanations how pricing and materials.
    thanks for the post.

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