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How to get 103 sample libraries for FREE! (Kontakt not required)

Last week, Fred Poirier released DecentSampler versions for 103 instruments on Pianobook. Now you can download them for FREE and use them in your music. More details in the Youtube video:

Check out composer Fred Poirier’s video here.

You can find all of the samples by clicking here.

Decent Sampler is a free plugin for Mac, Windows, and iOS. You can download DecentSampler plugin here.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “How to get 103 sample libraries for FREE! (Kontakt not required)

  1. Wow. I love that you’ve made a product that someone can use to convert free Kontakt libraries and use! I would strongly encourage anyone who’s using DecentSampler this way, to buy something (or some things) from this website to support the ongoing development and support of DecentSampler! This saves people so much money, for those who can’t afford Kontakt currently.

  2. “Unable to find a download url for this sample library”
    The above is the message when I click on ‘get’ in the sampler.

    Can you suggest a solution?

  3. […] auch das DecentSampler-Format angeboten. Hier kann man Decent Sampler herunterladen. Hier ist der Blog-Eintrag dazu. Wenn man sich für das Thema Sampling interessiert, ist der YouTube-Kanal von David Hilowitz […]

  4. The link to the 103 files just links to google and a search and 3 articles. Each don’t relate to the 103 files. Now I only came across this site via the video link. Does the link mean that the samples on this site are now 103?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry for the confusion! I’ve just updated the link so that it points directly to the Pianobook site. You can find the samples here.

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