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Decent Sampler now has support for legato samples and voice muting

The latest version of Decent Sampler (1.0.11) has experimental support for legato. There is now a full video tutorial explaining how to set up true legato sample libraries. Check it out:

There is also a text version of this true legato tutorial, which can be found as part of the Decent Sampler format documentation here.

Have fun!

– Dave

4 thoughts on “Decent Sampler now has support for legato samples and voice muting

  1. how get portamento on decent sampler

    1. In order to add portamento to your instruments, you’ll want to set the glideTime and glideMode attributes for your <groups> element. You can find more documentation on this here.

  2. Legato in a human voice can be different to legato in most instruments. You can make legato singing using some vocal articulation, but you can do it also using no articulation, so it would be similar to legato in an analog monophonic synth.
    Is there any script that can make that on voice samples? The samplers i’ve used can’t even make sample loops automatically…

    1. I think you should be able to use the `glideTime` parameter for that.

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